Auditory Verbal Therapy
Individual parent-centered therapy once a week designed to teach the parents or primary caregivers the skills needed to bring the child to speech and language through audition.

Included in the annual fee is a complete assessment of audition, speech and language skills.

Fees are paid on or before the first scheduled day of Auditory Verbal Therapy session. Modes of payment available are straight payment or three (3) equal monthly payments.
Auditory learning for Older children needing refinement in auditory skills
Program for babies fitted with hearing aids
A cognitive based playgroup is run each Saturday to show parents and caregivers fun activities that lend themselves to natural language development through cognition. The group provides social opportunities for both parents and children.
PLAYGROUP 1 is for 2 - 4 year old children
PLAYGROUP 2 is for 4 - 7 year old children

Playgroup runs for 6 weeks per term. All fees must be paid before the start of each term.

Complete assessments for speech, language and audition are available to anyone interested in a professional assessment. All three assessments are Available as a package as listed below or as individual assessments.

The Itinerant teacher / AV Therapist provides general and specific in-service for all school personnel to help them understand the unique needs of each child with hearing impairment.

Team Meetings
Meetings including the parents, all teachers, therapists and the Itinerant teacher are held on a regular basis to ensure the services and program for the child is cohesive and effective.

Parent Education Program
CLASP provides on-going, formal, parent education opportunities at no extra cost. The sessions cover a range of topics based on the needs and interests of the parents

CLASP also provides social opportunities for parents to meet and support one another, share experiences and pass on wisdom learned from participating AV therapy

Future Directions:
CLASP has a separate fund to help disadvantaged families through subsidy of term fees. Please ask for details if you are interested.

CLASP is a non-stock, non-profit organization that is run on a combination of donations and fees for services. Parents pay a fee for the services they require and this fee covers the salary of the therapist as well as the day to day operations of the Center. All other expenses incurred by the Center depends upon tax-deductible donations from the greater community. Our success depends on you and the people you know.

Thank you for your support!

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