The Clasp Center is here to help you. If you are a parent of a newly diagnosed hearing impaired child, or if you simply want to find out about auditory-verbal therapy in Manila, we hope you find what you need here.


Almost ten years ago, a group of families worked together with a select group of speech and language pathologists to learn auditory-verbal therapy. With the help of other professionals and friends, and working out of donated office space, Clasp therapists have slowly but surely made a difference in the lives of each child they have taught. Lessons are holistic -- targeting the development of the child's cognition, language, listening, and speech, and they always include parental participation.


Parents are their child's first, and best, teachers. And so we teach you to teach your child. Together, we set goals, develop listening, and learn language, all in a context of play. We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, refer you to other professionals if you need to consult them. We read your child's responses to sound, and we rejoice with you when he begins to talk and develop language. We work with your child's schools.


We are a community of children, of parents and teachers. Watch this site as we upload video of the children and parents tell about their experiences, and realize that you are not alone. We're here to help.


Mailin Paterno Locsin


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