What is Auditory Verbal Therapy?
Auditory Verbal Therapy is a habilitation method for hearing impaired children and their families. It is rooted in the conviction and knowledge that children can learn to use even minimal amounts of amplified residual hearing to listen, to process verbal language, and to speak, the aim of Auditory Verbal Therapy is to integrate these children into regular school and life in the mainstream with appropriate support from parents and professionals.

The Success of Auditory Verbal Practice Is Based On The Following Principles And Conditions:
  • Early detection and identification of hearing impairment
  • Aggressive audiological management and the best available amplification technology to achieve the benefits of learning through listening
  • Development of a meaningful listening and hearing environment in individualized therapy, at home and at school
  • Active participation of parents and affirmation of their role as primary models in helping their child learn to listen to his own voice, the voices of others, and the sounds around him
  • Making listening a way of life and encouraging a developmental sequence in the acquisition of spoken language

Who is Eligible?
CLASP Manila will work with any hearing impaired child and his/her family committed to the integration of the Auditory Verbal method into their daily lives. Because spoken language is best learned when young, Auditory-Verbal therapy works most effectively with children aged from birth to 6 years.

Your child is eligible if:

  • He or she has proper amplification via hearing aids or has a cochlear implant, and
  • As a parent, you are committed to serving as a primary language model for your child.

Through Auditory-Verbal therapy, CLASP will help you bring your child to age-appropriate speech and language skills through listening alone, with a goal toward full integration into the regular school system.

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